Student Reviews of the Flipped Classroom


August 24, 2012 by scasadei

The best part about this student’s review is his “happiness meter”! When students get a heads-up about the content the night before via flip class, they come to class more confident, are more engaged, and more willing to take chances.

Here are some more of my 8th graders’ reviews from last year’s flipped classroom:

“I would like to keep doing our math classes this way because it is different from they way we learned math for the past nine years of our lives.”- Gavin
“Watching the video for homework gave me quick understanding of the lesson, and the next day we got to work on it all class which helped my understanding of the topic.” MKS

“It really helped me judging by the good test grade I got!” – KMcM

“I like the flipped classroom because you can watch the video anytime you need to, if you forget how to do it or just need a review” -Kendall

“I think it is easier to learn at home at my own pace, rather than at the class’ pace.”- Sarah

“It is easier to do the practice problems in class with the teacher in case you don’t understand it at home.” – Ally

“You get more time to practice in school.” -Sean

“After watching the videos, I feel prepared and ready for class the next day.” -Megan

“I like doing the practice problems in class because I can ask for help when I need to.  I think we should keep the flipped classroom”. -MKM

“We have more time to ask you questions about anything we’re unsure about.” -Caroline
“I feel for me watching the videos did as much, if not more, than the written homework.” – John

2 thoughts on “Student Reviews of the Flipped Classroom

  1. Jill Lebiedzinski says:

    The Ss reflections are so insightful. They must have had a great fifth grade ela teacher!!

  2. I am loving your students’ comments! It’s as though YOUR enthusiasm is coming right through the kids to all of us who are reading! Being a “math challenged” educator, I’d LOVE to be in your class, Sharon!

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